At Bleu de Minuit, we are fully conscious it isn't always easy to move from your dream wedding into the tangible event you envisioned. 


You have the perfect picture of what you are looking for but you are not the king and queen of organization?

You live in the fast lane but have clearly no time to run such an exciting project? 

Your home is far from the wanted venue and managing the logistics doesn't seem reachable?

Hand the organization of your dream wedding over to us!

Beyond the aspect of pure planning, the coherence in the design choice is essential for a successful decoration and a harmonious rendering.

Since decoration and design didn't became professions by accident, do not take the risk of results with lack of taste

unless you are fully certain of yourselves.

Some of you, tenacious and brave, will choose to rigorously manage the organization of their own wedding and will only wish a personalized support on D-Day to be able to live this timeless and unforgettable moment to the fullest.

Discover immediately all our tailor-made packages!