The little helpers!



Our 'little helpers' packs are our super-documents that allow you to organise and decorate your wedding with peace of mind.


Through our experience in organizing and creating weddings and other events, we have developed, adapted and redesigned comprehensive and practical tools to meet the many needs this beautiful event demands.

Our manic side of organization and Xcel tables will allow you to have a clear vision of the tasks to be done, step by step.


We will share with you our advices, tips, and also mistakes to avoid for your preparation to be a pleasant moment and for you to be certain to progress properly.



Our competitive edge: no question of leaving you alone in the battle, we ensure a personalized follow-up for each of our ‘helping hand’ packs in order to guide you, support you, and answer you questions at a very reasonable price.  


It's up to you, just follow the path!