About us

Rich from her many professional experience in the event planning sector whether in Europe or in Australia,

it is quite naturally that Laurie Latimier, Bleu de Minuit Founder, decided to put her proven skills into Wedding Planning

At ease with both French & English languages,

Master's Degree in Marketing and Communication from Kedge Business School graduate,

Laurie sets her mind onto successes and uses her

business world knowledge to offer you a flawless service.

Her field experience and her knowledge of the charming

South West part of France allows her to select only

the best there is for you.

Meticulous and very professional,

she focuses her communicative energy and her quality contractors circle to provide a service beyond reproach and

help you shape the dream event that fits you. 

How does it work?

Interactions between the future newlyweds and their wedding planner


Step 1:

Tell me everything

Each project starts with a first meeting either by phone, skype or even better,  by having a coffee.

At this moment, we will talk about the overall wedding vision, the main guidelines, the budget, and how we can help you best.

Step 3:

Let's work! 

I will create your progress documents and will start the firsts steps.

We will be regularly in touch to discuss the progress of your wedding, your new ideas, the decisions to be taken and much more.

Step 2:

Budgeting and approval

We work on a personalized quotation directly related to your wished and the amount of projected work. Prices are fairly calculated while taking the whole project needs into consideration.

Option 1: You approve the quote, and we work together to create your idyllic wedding.

Option 2: You would rather decide on another alternative and it would have been a pleasure to meet and briefly hang together.


Step 4:

Everything is in place and
it's the big day!

D-day is coming, the last details are worked out.

Your role?

Enjoy and that's it!