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About us...

Born from the romantic and creative imaginary of Laurie Latimier, Bleu de Minuit agency implement its expertise, its care and professionalism to offer a flawless quality service.

Event and wedding enthusiast, conscious the planning of such an event might spark off strong emotions, we commit to provide a premium service while meeting your requirements and expectations.

Since, in our eyes you are unique and your wedding vision is entirely yours, your wishes will come first and foremost.

Supported by trustworthy contractors we selected for you with utmost care, we use all our skills for your dream event to become a reality!


Attentive to the needs of our clients, we design with you the recipe of the happiest day of your life!




The inevitable quality that

must establish between all the event participants.

Do not worry,

there will be no lack of it. 


Every detail will be well thought of and implemented for

a result following your expectations.

Tasteless and formatted weddings?

Thanks, but no thanks!

We make use of all assets for this wedding to be like YOU.


At the heart of the relationship Couple - Wedding Planner and all service providers, everything is in place for an optimal relationship at all levels.

Bleu de Minuit make commitments!

Be sure of the wedding with ease.